Exchange Broker

Recognized as a pioneer in the creative real estate market, Chet won the coveted Snyder Trophy for the Best Exchange in the USA.  The complex transaction involved 64 properties, 35 owners, and 12 lenders.

Chet became a real estate broker in 1965.  Chet always believed in being prepared and as knowledgeable as practical.  Even with a prestigious BS Degree from Stanford in Economics, after entering the brokerage field, Chet earned the designation of Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).  The effort to obtain a CCIM designation included a course of study, a comprehensive exam, and proven brokerage performance record.

Chet exchanged regional shopping centers, office buildings, condo projects, bank foreclosures, promissory notes, boats, trade credits, land, apartment complexes, horses, retail centers, and self-storage projects.  

During Chet’s career as a real estate broker, he closed in excess of $110,000,000 in real estate transactions, mostly exchanges, involving individuals, corporations, lenders and foreign investors in locations from coast-to-coast and border-to-border.

Chet was avid pilot and owned his own plane.  He loved flying all around California and to Phoenix and Tucson to attend local exchange meetings.  He attributed a good deal of his success to being able to easily attend these distant meetings.

As a broker, Chet is the only winner of both of the nation’s two highest commercial real estate awards; the Campbell Award for the Most Creative Commercial-Investment Transaction and Snyder Trophy for the Most Creative Exchange. 

The Most Creative Exchange involved organizing and coordinating fourteen (14) independent and widely-spread real estate agents who were representing a total of thirty-five (35) principals, who owned sixty-four (64) properties located over three time zones.  To complete the transaction with a same-day closing of all properties required getting loan approvals from twelve (12) different lenders.

Other honors include:

  • Four-time winner of Most Outstanding Commercial/Investment or Exchange Transaction in California;
  • 1980 Counselor of the Year – Society of Exchange Counselors (S.E.C.);
  • Induction into Exchangor’s Hall of Fame – National Society of Exchange Counselors.
  • Chet was the 1982 President of the Society of Exchange Counselors (SEC)
  • Chet was later honored by the SEC by granting Chet the status of Life-Time Member. 


Since the mid-1960’s, the SEC has had thousands of members join, prosper, and retire.  Of those thousands of members, only about a dozen or so have ever been designated with the SEC’s honorary designation of Legend.  Chet Allen was one of those few to be awarded that special designation.