Just a Great Guy

Steve Rogers

Chet and I crossed paths late in life, but I instantly knew that he was someone I wanted to get to know better. It helped that we had both been Marines, Korea for him and VietNam for me, and we shared interests in golf and bridge. We soon formed a men’s bridge group called three jarheads and a squid. Many was the time where I’d open one club and he’d jump to 6 spades in what could only be a called a psychic bid. He’d just give me that wry smile as if to say, “Yes I know I’m not following conventional bidding rules, but this is bigger than rules. And most times he go ahead and make the bid. I guess the best we can hope for in life is that we made other people’s lives better for having met us, and Chet certainly did. A great guy who is sorely missed, but an inspiration to all who knew him.